Smart Toto has created a movement that is working to transform the reading culture in Uganda and Africa as a whole, one book and child at a time. The ‘1 Million Books to 1 Million Kids’ movement is more than just about availing relevant and educational story books to children in Ugandan communities – but also to implant a positive reading habit in all Ugandans. One of several communities we are actively working with is the Kaleke Kasome Children’s Centre in Mpigi; a centre already championing the drive to empowering and supporting the girl child, and early childhood development.

Although requiring a library, the centre is a safe haven for a lot of parents and children in Mpigi, especially the out-of-school residents – providing guidance, counselling, and teaching skills like crafts-making, and tailoring.

In a bid to create awareness about the movement and its beneficiaries, the team decided to mobilize the public Kampala style; host the Color Festival – the first ever event of it’s kind.

Partnering with Kampala Color Fun Run, the Exquisite Events Management and Smart Toto team hosted an event that filled runners and revellers’ memories with fun, color, and love.

Love because the Color Festival was a day of togetherness, carefree fun and sharing, and making friends; which we seem to have abandoned in today’s merrymaking.

There was something about coming together for the #1MBooksTo1MKids that allowed people to leave behind the need for perfection – on-point outfits, on-fleek lipstick & perfect selfie angles – they swayed and boogied to the music and wind filled with a myriad of stunning colors next to like beautiful people.

Despite all the hard work, and sleepless nights, we were still pleasantly astounded by the level of devotedness showed by the lovely folks who came to the Run and the Color Festival.

The audience was so engaging, friendly, and happy-go-lucky, that we worried the MCs, DJs, and dance fitness extraordinaire – Jessie, were tiring them out!

As much as a lot of work and thought was put into executing the most engaging, and best kind of entertainment at the Color Festival; Kwepena tournaments, futsul and jump-rope competitions, all day top DJ line-up, adult bouncy castles – what truly made the day a huge success and the “Most Fun Anyone Has Had in a Long Time” were the loving and genuine people who came to run, dance, and play for #1MBooksTo1MKids.

We are truly humbled by the response and commitment to our first and successfully executed #1MBooksTo1MKids Color Festival, and call upon everyone else to join the movement in working to better equip our future!

The Festival is not concluded yet as we intend to deliver the #1MBooksTo1MKids in Mpigi this 7th October with buses of our audience, well-wishers, our DJs, lots of books, bookshelves, and lots and lots of colour!

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