Reading and Research Culture Days

The most fundamental thing about learning and education is reading andresearch, we need to open up our minds to new information everyday because we live in a highly dynamic world. This is the kind of culture we were inspiring within the children at Mpigi Charity Camp, by having a couple of reading sessions with them, and also evaluating some of the life lessons brought across by carefully selected books. The children present, aged 3 – 18, enjoyed reading Amani the Boda Boda Rider, Sharon’s Song, and Do you like Grasshoppers and Chapatti? as they are written and illustrated for children of all ages.

At the weeklong “Inspire Charity Camp in Mpigi”, we conducted talks on Early Childhood Literacy Development with the teachers and parents in attendance. Children who fall behind in oral language and literacy development in the years before formal schooling are less likely to be successful beginning readers; and their achievement lag is likely to persist throughout the primary grades and beyond.

Teenage Growth Mindset; We shared light moments and life stories with 300 teenagers during at-length talks about their goals and how they aim to achieve them. Unsolicited advice from trusted adults to teenagers is a vital factor in making grave decisions in their lives. Together, the girls and boys reviewed a life guidance chart that allowed them to set goals while charting plans to achieve them.

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