My Library My Playroom

My Library My Playroom was developed to demonstrate the interrelation between toys and books. We create ambiences that engage children into rapidly integrating play and reading; facilitating learning through play.

Children already love stories because their toys are brought to life (like cars, stuffed animals, dolls) – our task is to demonstrate that play and reading are the same. Raising children to keep their books and toys together is a great way to have children occupied with books and make them love where books are kept.

Make the library their favourite room in the house!


Children’s favourites, playhouse libraries engage children into spending their playtime reading, picking up and organising books and toys into their shelves.

Read Libraries


The little readers love the gigantic bright-coloured bookshelves that say READ; they give the children a sense of purpose and responsibility, while providing a learning and creativity ambience.

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