It is important for parents and teachers to understand why investing in young children early, in order for them to get the most out of their future well being, is key. Which is why we actively run programs facilitating family-based Early Childhood Growth and Development, and we strongly support the practice of investing in young children in as far as the literacy campaign is concerned. We encourage the parents and teachers to teach them how to read, behave, and respond at an early age, so that they grow up to be rightfully virtuous and curious progressives. But to do this, we need support from their caretakers and guardians, which is why we take off time to talk to them about their role in Early Childhood Development.

The 1MBooksTo1MKids transformational movement was started to foster Early Childhood Development through child literacy in Uganda. In our Community reading days, we encourage the culture of reading by visiting a number of communities with fun and adventurous books and have exciting reading sessions with the children and adults. At the end of the day, we’ve all had fun, the children keep the books, and we all learn something new about each other.

Teenage Growth Mindsets

Teenage years can be some of the most challenging years for both the parents, and the child. In our Teenage Growth Mindset sessions, we compelled the teenage girls to put their dreams on paper, and then taught them how to plan, monitor, and evaluate themselves. They were given simple charts to stay updated on their goals and progress. Teenagers are encouraged to do this in order for them to fall into an organized routine/schedule, and also learn to evaluate themselves.


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