I remember vividly how much fun my childhood library was, and the endless possibilities that lay in the books that I would read. The Wakefield twins Jessica, and Elizabeth took me into the exciting world of Sweet valley, where for moments I was whisked away to the endless adventures in ice cream parlours, and shopping malls that followed Elizabeth and Jessica. It wasn’t always about quests into the city, sometimes I went to the sandy white beach with Peter and Jane as they taught their dog to play ‘fetch’.

Every now and then, I would pick up a book with details about wildlife, illustrating how various animals survived out in the wild. It was always something new every single day and every single moment. This is the very same excitement and fun that we would like to usher children into, through the Smart Toto reading days. Imagine a world of adventure and fun that can be found at the children’s fingertips.

Here at Smart Toto, we believe in inspiring a reading culture at a very young age, because a reading culture is the leaping stone to imagination which in turn leads to a forward-thinking and innovative mind. This is exactly what our country needs to solve the intricate national problems. A child’s potential of yielding the most economical returns is best harnessed at an early age (3-5yrs), as reported by the World Bank in 2011. So in a way, we are moulding and creating future leaders! Isn’t that an exciting prospect? We believe that reading is fun and that books are toys too.

One of the most thrilling aspects about our reading days are the books that we have in our awesome libraries.  We have published a number of books written from an African perspective, and stock up on books, that Ugandan children from all walks of life can relate to. Growing up, a lot of our worlds revolved around Western characters, enjoyable but a bit difficult to wholly relate to. We will be introducing the children to amazing characters like Amani the young boda boda rider, Sitwe the fearless amazing brother, and Sharon the tender-hearted singer.


This time round, we are adding a whole new twist to the theme of our reading days.  On the 12th of August, we had a smart reading Drama and Theatre Day; an exciting day spent reading, and enacting the play ‘Cats and Hens’ by Mebo theatre. The play was directed and produced by Dr Mercy Mirembe an associate of Drama at Makerere University, and a publisher of Arts and Culture.  It was a day that reading met drama, curiosity, and innocent amusement. Our upcoming reading days will feature themes like Nutrition, Technology, Baking, and Environmental Protection, book your child’s spot today!

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